I’ve had this site since 1995 and I recently (May 2015) decided it was time to make some major changes to it. So I am currently rebuilding this site content and design. I’ll be adding content over the next week or so. I should have everything back in order and looking good by June 1, 2015. By then you can expect to see live webcams, tutorials, a blog, and a lot more.

– Len W. Brown
Posted May 20, 2015


Welcome to
The Lenformation Center


I create free open-source 3D content for the OpenSim 3D Virtual World Server.


I also enjoy growing both edible and ornamental plants in a “grow tent” in my apartment.



The Grow Tent

I purchased a “Grow Tent” for $219 that is 76 inches square. The frame is made from sturdy metal poles and the exterior is black on the outside and highly-reflective on the inside. Inside I have chrome shelves and fluorescent and LED plant lights. When zipped closed, no light escapes the tent so it doesn’t disturb my sleep. I live in an efficiency apartment and this grow tent is placed in the corner of my apartment and isn’t at all intrusive. It’s one of the best and most enjoyable investments I’ve made in a long time.


See how I put it together here!



The Squirting Cucumber
(Ecballium elaterium)

The Squirting Cucumber is one of the oddest plants I’ve had the pleasure to grow. As you can see to the left, the ripe fruit easily break free of their stem and when they do, pressure that had built up inside the fruit is rapidly released. As the juice is ejected so are the seeds. There is enough pressure built up within the fruit that it can eject its seeds up to 20 feet! I will be growing a few plants soon (expected by or on June 1, 2015) and I will provide continuous details here as the plants grow and mature. Something fun to look forward to!